Pre-Submission Draft Consultation - 19th May - 30th June 2014

This is the first statutory consultation stage on the Creek Neighbourhood Plan.

Consultation Closed

The consultation period has now closed. Thank you to all of those who took part.

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A Message from Nigel Kay, Mayor of Faversham

The Town Council believes that the regeneration of the Creek and the protection of Faversham's maritime heritage could support businesses and tourism opportunities which will do much to revitalise the whole of Faversham. We have been working for two years on a Neighbourhood Plan to achieve these objectives and we need your support to succeed.

Over the last 40 years there have been a number of attempts to regenerate and restore the Creek since the pattern of trade changed and traditional commercial Creek traffic came to an end. We think the draft Neighbourhood Plan provides the best chance of doing this.

The new National Planning Policy Framework with its presumption in favour of sustainable development (which will often mean more housing) raises the prospect of a lot of additional housing being allowed without the necessary work to restore the waterway.

We have an opportunity to decide what will happen to the Creek area by producing a Neighbourhood Plan that will secure its long-term future. This does not give the Town complete control to come up with a Plan exactly as it wants, as the Plan must be in conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework and "deliverable" in accordance with the definitions in the NPPF. The Plan is inspected by a Planning Inspector to ensure that these conditions are met.

This statutory consultation is your chance to have your say on how you see the future of the Creek. There are a number of opportunities for you, which are set out in this leaflet, to come along and discuss your views and thoughts with members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The consultation document can be found on the website and there are hard copies available for you to look at.

On behalf of the Town Council, I urge you to support the Town Council's efforts and take part in this vital consultation. We need to hear the whole Town's views to ensure the final Plan not only meets Government requirements on planning policy, but also, as far as possible, reflects your wishes for the Creek.

I would urge everyone to work together to ensure a successful Neighbourhood Plan, one which will regenerate the Creek, support business and tourism and preserve our heritage.

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The Draft Plan

Both parts of the Draft Plan are available for download, below. These files are quite large, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Paper Copies

Paper Copies of the Draft Plan are available at:

Faversham Library
Newton Road
ME13 8DY

c/o the Town Clerk
The Alexander Centre
Preston Street
ME13 8NY

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How to Respond

The consultation period has now closed. Thank you to all of those who took part.

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Come and Have your Say

We are holding a number of events throughout the Pre-Submission Draft Consultation period, the events are listed below. These are key opportunities in helping you shape the future of Faversham Creek and the surrounding area.

Wednesday 21st May, Drop-in Event
Davington School, for Parents/Guardians of Pupils at the School
Saturday 24th May, Market Stall
Faversham Market
Friday 30th May, Drop-in Event
West Faversham Community Centre
Saturday 7th June, Exhibition
Assembly Rooms, Preston Street, Faversham
Wednesday 11th June, Drop-in Event
The Vaults, Preston Street, Faversham
Saturday 21st June, Market Stall
Faversham Market

Please look out for press releases in the Faversham Times and Faversham News during this publicity period.

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What happens next?

Feedback from all events, questionnaires and comments submitted to the Neighbourhood Plan team will be collated, assessed and issues identified.

A formal Consultation Statement will be published which explains and summarises the consultation process and discusses the outcomes of the consultation itself, including giving information on what can and cannot be incorporated into the plan and why.

At all stages the Creek Neighbourhood Plan must conform to National and EU laws and local planning/strategic policies and it will be formally reviewed to ensure this is the case.

Changes to the plan in the light of the consultation will be made where feasible and appropriate. The amended plan, once reviewed, becomes the Submission Draft.

A final six-week period of consultation, hosted by Swale Borough Council, will then take place before any final amendments are made and the plan is submitted for independent examination.

Further modifications may be made resulting from the independent examiner's report ahead of a local referendum (expected to be held in January 2015).

If approved by more than 50% of those who vote, the plan becomes part of Swale Local Plan.

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Background Documents

A number of documents have been utilised to form the Draft Plan, being discussed in this Consultation Period. These are available below. Many of the documents are in PDF format, where you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Some of the documents are quite large.

Policy Framework Documents


Other Documentation

Publicity Material

Some of these documents are on websites over which we have no control. Please report any problems to the Town Clerk by email

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